Art For Change

So here’s something a little personal: I don’t like being lectured. Who does? No one likes being told that they are wrong, let alone being told something that they already know, at length. For me, the same applies to art. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t address an issue that you […]

Facing the Early Rejection.

Starting up as a theatre company is hard, not just because you’re essentially setting up a business but because, to begin with, there is rejection to be faced. Of course, we weren’t naive in thinking this wouldn’t happen. In the performing arts rejection is rife and more often than not, as a new company, you […]

It’s Good To See Bad

We have been incredibly lucky over the past week to be able to watch not one, but TWO fantastic pieces of theatre during the time between consulting A Level Drama students on their exam pieces and rehearsals of our own; These pieces being Gecko’s ‘Institute’ and Complicite’s ‘The Encounter’. Now, the point of this entry […]