Only a Day Away

Tomorrow. A mystical land of unpredictability and unending possibilities. We are never quite there, always one day behind, caught in a relentless chase for what comes next.

So where am I going with this? Well I suppose I’m going for some kind of uplifting message about hope. Yeah okay let’s go with that. We all have bad days don’t we? They can come out of nowhere and sometimes it’s a huge issue that causes it, sometimes it’s a small one, or even a build up of both.

However they come about, we’ve all had them. Ruined days are horrible, because you can wake up with some much hope for the day only to have it taken away from you. It makes you dread waking up to another day because why should it be any different after a sleep, right?

Yeah I understand that mentality, I’ve had it myself more times than I care to admit but that won’t stop me from giving you this piece of advice. Don’t write off something that hasn’t happened yet. A new day is a clean slate or a blank canvas or… other things that are untouched (fresh snow could be one too I guess?).

You have no idea what will happen tomorrow, even if you have a rigorously planned schedule, you just don’t know. So live in hope, in the knowledge that just because today hasn’t been great it doesn’t mean tomorrow will follow suit. If you go to sleep thinking it will be just as bad when the sun rises then unfortunately for you, you’ve ruined the day for yourself.

Wake up refreshed, renewed, revitalised (even if it is past 12 in the afternoon) and you go out and carpe that diem. Make it your responsibility to smile. It doesn’t matter how bad today is, as a little orange-haired orphan once said ‘I love ya, tomorrow. You’re only a day away!’

And on that, I leave you.

Keep it clean, keep it comic.

Alex -x-