Workshops for Younger Learners- KS2

Our workshops can be modified and are aimed at all ages, but below are a selection of bespoke workshops for younger learners. We are passionate about inspiring the next generation of theatre makers and feel that our workshops can leave pupils with invaluable transferrable skills

Think: Building a character
This is the perfect introductory performance skills workshop that looks at how to understand and perform a character. Working on both physicality and vocality, the students will not only develop performance skills but also confidence and communication as they are encouraged to perform with and in front of their peers. These workshops will teach students how to use facial expressions, body language, stance, gait and vocal control to perform emotions and intentions. We can deliver this workshop using characters from Timon of Athens, another text (e.g. if you are working towards the Shakespeare Schools Festival) or the students’ favourite stories.
Available for 2hr/4hr/6hr

Think: Building a Scene
Learners will work practically to identify the key components needed to tell a story and will then use that knowledge through play to create short scenes. These scenes can be devised during the workshop or can be adapted from a play or storybook identified by the school. Using our playful and energetic style, students will work practically in groups and will be asked to perform their own scenes to their peers; providing feedback to each other on how effectively they told the story. This workshop is perfect for students who are studying Shakespeare, are adapting a text for performance or just want to have fun!
Available for 2hr/4hr

Create: Storytelling
In these workshops we introduce students to skills that will allow them to tell stories physically. We will develop students’ performance skills through a variety of different games, before teaching a range of techniques and then using those techniques to create short pieces of Physical Theatre. These workshops will allow students to develop skills in listening, communication and working as an ensemble. They will develop physical control as they are encouraged to use the body in new ways in order to tell a story and an understanding of how they are able to use their bodies to tell stories without the use of dialogue.
Available for 2hr/4hr/6hr

Play: Clowning
Our clowning workshops are fun, loud and full of energy and are great for engaging students of all different interests with physical comedy. Through these workshops students will experience clowning and Commedia dell’Arte and how to use the physical, vocal and mask skills they develop to create short pieces of theatre. Depending on the length of workshop you would like to book, we can teach students a number of the different Commedia dell’Arte masks.
Available for 2hr/4hr/6hr