Form (current)

We have all been bored, trapped in monotony. We have all dreamt of escape. Our minds construct fantastic worlds to break us out of routine, taking us to our own private paradise. But eventually we have to come back. We always have to come back.

Form is a non-verbal, physical journey of escape and daydreaming, taking the audience on a stunning visual voyage through environments created out of tables, stationary and 20,000 paper balls. Three performers portray office workers happily oppressed by routine, except one.

You can watch the trailer for Form by clicking here.

Timon of Athens (past)

Shakespeare wrote many plays in his time, some good, others very good, some humorous, others… tradgedous? But there is one play that doesn’t fall into any one of these catergories, one play that is not known to many and debated amongst the few that are aware of its existence. That’s where we (Rendered Retina) come in because we are going to show you Timon of Athens complete with: music, laughter, a box and a whole host of hats. There isn’t a definitive answer to what kind of play this is, but thing is for certain, you are in for an experience like no other! Quotes from audience members include:

“What an awesome performance. Amazing.”

“Very clever, funny and well performed. The first time I’ve seen this play, and I’m sure if I see it again it will pale in comparison”

“Truly excellent, what a talented trio. It had it all- verbal, physical and musical comedy with serious bits too. Shakespeare would be proud, best I’ve seen at The Dell”

You can watch clips from the show by clicking the links below:

Link 1: Timon of Athains

Link 2: Timon’s Monologue (short clip)

Link 3: Timon of Athens in a Nutshell

Glowmosapien (past)

When humans are formed we have no concept of the world around us. We are born into darkness, all we know is black, a space of obscurity. We are presented with an infinity to explore, make sense of and call our own. Combining both black light theatre and a low light aesthetic, we are inserted into a blank space, it needs to be explored and understood. Glowmosapien follows a story of birth and coming into being, not as a physical entity but a chemical one. A mind is thrust into darkness with no knowledge of anything, but it is alive.

Be Cool (schools)

Specifically aimed at Years 10 and 11, ‘Be Cool’ is a show about revising for your GCSE exams. Filled with brilliant energy and humour to keep students hooked throughout, this show is fantastic for learning new revision tips and how to keep focused but most of all: to not panic!

You can watch the trailer for Be Cool by clicking here.