To accompany our adaptation of Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens these workshops will expose students to different practitioner styles and help them to understand Shakespeare’s writing, use of language and the characters he created. These workshops are suitable to students studying Drama or English. Schools and colleges can book workshops and/or performances by filling out a Workshop Enquiry Form.

Shakespeare: Unpacking the Characters
Whether your students are working on monologues, duologues or group scenes, this workshop is perfect for giving students the skills needed to perform Shakespeare. Working on both physicality and vocal techniques, the students will not only develop performance skills but also a deeper understanding of the language used and the speech patterns. These workshops will also use elements of Commedia dell’Arte to expose students to a different way of thinking about how to perform Shakespeare and how to distil the very layered characters into more accessible stereotypes. This allows students to more easily understand the function of the characters within the play and its themes. We can deliver this workshop on scenes from Timon of Athens or from any play you feel would be most suitable for your students; possibly one they are studying in either subject or if you are putting on your own production.
Available in 2hr/4hr/6hr

Shakespeare: Unpacking the Scenes
In this workshop we help students break down scenes from Shakespeare’s texts to establish what the characters are saying, what they mean, and how it links to the overall narrative of the play. Using our playful and energetic style, students explore these scenes practically and will be asked to perform their own adaptations of these scenes, complete with songs they will write themselves! This workshop is perfect for students who are studying Shakespeare or are adapting a text for performance as they will identifying the demands of the scene whilst developing skills in cutting and editing text to create meaning; finding a new way to retell a classic throughout as well.
Available in 2hr/4hr

Shakespeare: In Style
In these workshops we introduce students to a practitioner of your choice. This can either be to extend learners’ knowledge of a practitioner they are already familiar with, or introduce them to a new practitioner. These workshops will be based around a scene from one of Shakespeare’s plays, either from Timon of Athens or a scene from a play of your choice. We deliver these workshops in 2 hour slots, so if you were to book a 4 hour workshop we would introduce the students to two practitioners; 3 practitioners in a 6 hour workshop. This can give students a practical understanding of how different methodologies influence the creation of a performance and highlights the differences between practitioners to further students’ understanding.
Available in 2hr/4hr/6hr

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