Keep Calm and Carry On

So the idea for this week’s post came to me yesterday after having an extremely long day of rehearsing and organising things for the company: arts applications, press releases and other such admin tasks. While doing so I encountered an infinite number of stumbling blocks that prevented my from completing a number of these objectives […]

Down the Rabbit Hole

Opportunities will present themselves time and time again through your time at college and university. If you really are serious about a career in the arts then I implore you to take this advice: say yes to everything, give your all to everything. It may not seem worth it at the time but trust me, […]

How To Make Progress

If there is one thing that I have learned in my time devising performance, it’s that a human being your brain can’t be an unrelenting creative force 24/7. Sometimes you just need to stop. We’ve all been there: you need to get something finished but you find yourself stumped. Completely and utterly stumped. You can’t […]