A Little Fear Never Hurt Anyone

Fear is something we all experience and we all experience it differently. This post will somewhat relate to the company but mostly it’s a post I feel I need to write.

Fear is an obstacle. It gets in the way of dreams, it stops you saying something you really need to say and keeps you looking over your shoulder instead of forwards. In the context of our company I still have fear that we will not make a living out of it and am spending a lot of time making sure I have things in place to account for this.

It means my focus is divided between lots of different tasks, which can be good, but at the same time means 100% is never present. Right now it feels like a bad thing, but I can imagine that a few years down the line I’ll look back on it and be grateful that I had lots of things going on, because it meant there was a safety net.

Fear is a necessity. Yes fear can hold you back, yes fear can get in the way but without it I think there is the danger of having you head way too high in the clouds. It’s good to stay grounded. You should absolutely dream big, but prepare yourself for everything.

Don’t allow fear to control you, I have been and am guilty of that and I’m sure that everyone can say the same. You have to learn to live with it. Don’t rid yourself of it and don’t pretend it’s not there. Learn to overcome it when it rears it’s ugly head, learn to beat it back when it threatens to overwhelm you because that feeling of victory is incomparable. It makes you stronger every time.

Be strong. Become stronger.


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