It’s Good To See Bad

We have been incredibly lucky over the past week to be able to watch not one, but TWO fantastic pieces of theatre during the time between consulting A Level Drama students on their exam pieces and rehearsals of our own; These pieces being Gecko’s ‘Institute’ and Complicite’s ‘The Encounter’.

Now, the point of this entry is not as a review of these productions (although reviews for both would simply consist of the words “GO”, “SEE” and “IT”) but rather it is a piece of advice to anyone who is interested in a career in the arts, either making or supporting.

We can all agree that there is some (to be kind) “bad” theatre out there that we just aren’t enthralled by;¬†however the debate then arises in what you would call “bad”. Often the justification of that disinterest is the equivalent of saying “It’s just not my cup of tea”, which is fine of course, if you are¬†disinterested in the chance of being artistically inspired.

“But Jordan!” I hear you cry, “I just don’t think I’ll enjoy it.” Well, just hear me out:

When you were new born and growing up fast, little you had no judgements, no inhibitions, no sense of can’t or won’t. Instead you were a force of sheer exploration, a pioneer making new discoveries about your world and your own capabilities. That lemon wasn’t sour until you tasted it. That sofa wasn’t climbable until you scaled it. Maybe you did both and realised that you didn’t like lemons or heights. But maybe the taste of that lime will suit you better. Maybe climbing Mt. Coffee Table is more your style. Past you tried it all, and with time blossomed into the you with a sweet tooth and a fear of flying, smiling with your lemon-sucking-hang-glider-piloting best friend.

Art is no different. 

You may not enjoy it, but all those dislikes will help you to find your loves. Those “bad” pieces play a crucial role in what informs your work. Therefore ALL Art should be treated with the respect they deserve: fulfilment by experience.

So if you’re undecided about whether or not to watch something for fear of not enjoying it, my parting advice is this: “GO SEE IT”, because who knows, afterwards, you might just find yourself a changed person.

And remember:

Keep it clean, keep it comic.