Art For Change

So here’s something a little personal: I don’t like being lectured. Who does? No one likes being told that they are wrong, let alone being told something that they already know, at length. For me, the same applies to art.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t address an issue that you feel passionate about, quite the opposite in fact! However I don’t believe that fear mongering is the most effective way to get people talking about an issue. We are already living in a world where every second of every day we are actively involved in a cycle of fear and consumption: You have spots, buy this cream otherwise you will never find happiness. Look at the 24 million refugees that are now living in Ludburg, taking the jobs that you are entitled to. Look at how these monsters killed everyone in MegatronLand, better give us more money and support to keep us safe. And we KNOW that this cycle is ridiculous, but it is in everything we eat, buy and read. Somethimes we can’t help but believe it. But this is where I believe that art holds its purpose.

Art has the ability to change the world, not through fear mongering its audience, but through asking questions, offering a different way of seeing, and treating people not as another vote in the ballot box, not as a statistic in a powerpoint or as a percentage in a pie chart, but instead as a PERSON. A person with thoughts and opinions and a universe of its own.

Art reminds us that there is more to the world than mortgages and regular boiler checks. Art reminds us that there is beauty to be seen in everything from the smell of a fresh pot of coffee, to the street lights on your journey home from work.

We forget about all the times we were shocked but we remember the moment we were inspired, so why numb people to accept change, when you can inspire change through beauty?

Art holds the power to bring an age of enlightenment, just remember: so do you.

Keep it clean. Keep it comic.

Jordan x