Everything is Politics, Or is It?

Something that you may notice about our work is that we tend to avoid creating political performances. There are a few reasons for this, one of them being that politics are devisive by nature. There are countless opinions and thoughts and consequences to consider, and whilst I believe that each of those things are inexplicably […]

A Little Fear Never Hurt Anyone

Fear is something we all experience and we all experience it differently. This post will somewhat relate to the company but mostly it’s a post I feel I need to write. Fear is an obstacle. It gets in the way of dreams, it stops you saying something you really need to say and keeps you […]

You’re Better Than You Think

‘The artist will never truly appreciate their own work’ Who said this I hear you ask? Me (Tom Mangan of Rendered Retina). I first said this to someone who was at the time having trouble realising just how good they were at what they do, and it resonated with me as well. I’ve been saying […]

Work For It

So here it is again, another BPW! We’ve been extremely busy over here at RRHQ, so I thought that I’d open this post with a quick update, seeing as things are coming up fast! On the Retina front, the guys and I are hard at work writing and devising for our brand new TIE show […]