To accompany Form, our devising workshops will give your students a variety of skills to use when creating their own pieces of work, whether they are adapting a text, working from stimuli or creating wholly original work. Alongside giving students a bank of skills to take away, we can also deliver workshops on devising in the style of a practitioner. Schools and colleges can book workshops and/or performances by filling out a Workshop Enquiry Form.

In these workshops we introduce students to skills that will allow them to tell stories physically. Students will develop skills in Physical Theatre including physicality, lifts and working in an ensemble. They will be encouraged to use the body in new ways in order to tell a story and understand how effective the body can be in conveying emotion and intention without the use of dialogue.
Available in 2hr/4hr/6hr

Limitation Theatre
This workshop introduces students to the importance of creating limits and boundaries in order to be more creative in the rehearsal space. An energetic, playful and practical workshop that exposes students to some of the techniques we use to create work. This workshop can be delivered as an introduction to our style in which students can create short pieces of work or to help them in the development of assessment/exam pieces they are working on.
Available in 2hr/4hr/6hr

Object Theatre
This workshop is perfect for helping students develop work when starting from a physical stimulus. We show students how effectively objects can be used to create different worlds on stage and how responsive audiences are to the use of objects as malleable, transformative devices.
Available in 2hr/4hr

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