3rd March- End of Week 7

This week has panned out slightly different than the previous few. We had our supervised rehearsal on Tuesday meaning there can be more reflection following on from the feedback received. For said rehearsal we wanted to show something continuous, a combination of all the material or moments of performance that we had explored or that […]

24th Feb- End of Week 6

We had our first supervised rehearsal in 3 weeks yesterday and it was definitely needed considering we haven’t been able to show anyone our work in that time. We had created a couple more moments of performance and put them together in some form of order. This wasn’t reflective of our idea for performance narrative […]

3rd Feb- End of Week 3

This post was supposed to go up a while ago, there have been certain obstacles preventing that from happening but this will be looking at the practical work produced for our supervised rehearsal on Thursday 2nd Feb. Up until this point we had only a selection of performance moments and ideas floating around. Material was […]

27th- End of Week 2

It is the end of another week, the work on our performance (that is still untitled) continues and more material is generated. The first order of business was a supervised rehearsal in which we presented the work we had created in the first week. It was a great opportunity to get some feedback on some […]

Post-Fringe Blues

Hey guys! Once again blog post Wednseday is here and once again it’s about our trip to Edinburgh. Well, I suppose less about the trip itself and more about being at home. For those of you that dont know (as if we haven’t gone on about it enough), we recently returned from our first ever […]