24th Feb- End of Week 6

We had our first supervised rehearsal in 3 weeks yesterday and it was definitely needed considering we haven’t been able to show anyone our work in that time. We had created a couple more moments of performance and put them together in some form of order. This wasn’t reflective of our idea for performance narrative […]

Post-Fringe Blues

Hey guys! Once again blog post Wednseday is here and once again it’s about our trip to Edinburgh. Well, I suppose less about the trip itself and more about being at home. For those of you that dont know (as if we haven’t gone on about it enough), we recently returned from our first ever […]

The Road To Edinburgh

Hey guys, so as you all know, Edinburgh Fringe is coming up fast and we have been SUPER busy getting everything ready! We’ve been creating material, tweaking, cutting and rehearsing non-stop and we are so excited to experience the Fringe first hand! During the run you’ll be able to follow our adventures and antics as […]

Only a Day Away

Tomorrow. A mystical land of unpredictability and unending possibilities. We are never quite there, always one day behind, caught in a relentless chase for what comes next. So where am I going with this? Well I suppose I’m going for some kind of uplifting message about hope. Yeah okay let’s go with that. We all […]

Everything is Politics, Or is It?

Something that you may notice about our work is that we tend to avoid creating political performances. There are a few reasons for this, one of them being that politics are devisive by nature. There are countless opinions and thoughts and consequences to consider, and whilst I believe that each of those things are inexplicably […]