3rd Feb- End of Week 3

This post was supposed to go up a while ago, there have been certain obstacles preventing that from happening but this will be looking at the practical work produced for our supervised rehearsal on Thursday 2nd Feb.

Up until this point we had only a selection of performance moments and ideas floating around. Material was still being created without thought to meaning or to what kind of take one hands the show would have. We decided to change that. The morning was spent combining some of these performance moments into something that flowed, that transitioned from one moment to another.

The beginning had me making certain noises with my hands, or at least pretending to make certain noises. I had recorded my hands making these noises very early on in the process and memorised the order, giving this effect of amplified sound. In the feedback it was suggested that, because some of these noises weren’t instantly recognisable as being hand-made, it would be interesting to see my hands not repeat the noises as they were made, but interpret them as other things, other material.

There wasn’t much feedback on the choreographed sections that followed, only the observation that we were not treating the hands as hands belonging to a human body. That the choreography framed them as shapes, as objects or images but not hands, reinforced by the rest of our bodies being in darkness.

This made to final section stand out. It was a true story of how I got my first scar which is on my thumb. I had been videoed in rehearsals telling this story and retold it with exaggerated versions of the gestures I had made the first time around. Now the hands on show belonged to a person, now they had a history and an agenda because they could been seen attached to my body.

It’s still difficult to say in which direction this performance could be heading. I would say that we need to spend the next week thinking about the possible structure of the piece, could the hand help shape the structure? Maybe we should let the hand lead the story and take ourselves out of it. By that I mean our personality and our experiences. Maybe we become more poetic or make up our own hand stories. I think the next week could be a lot more spiritual or at least a lot less “real”.

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